CAD BLOX exists to assist in the ordering and installation of architectural masonry products. We’re here to reduce the time, cost, and frustration involved in ordering and building complicated masonry jobs. We can help you understand the products, order them accurately, resolve design issues related to CMU, layout bond patterns, stage complex orders and increase your productivity in the field with color coded 3D layout drawings. If you order or install masonry products, we can help. If you need a detailed model of your masonry installation to satisfy BIM requirements, we can provide that as well.


Accurate Unit Count Since our orders are extracted directly from the models we build, they exactly represent the unit types, colors, textures and quantities reflected in the model. Once the model has been confirmed to be accurate, we can deliver an exact product order. We don’t add a waste factor to our orders, so you are encouraged to account for your own need for waste and breakage.


We have a very close relationship with our manufacturers which allows us to select the proper units from their line. If a custom unit is required to handle a condition, we produce the required shop drawings for the plant. We understand unit costs and can often layout out conditions using less expensive methods. Most importantly, we can help prevent those small add orders for product that you didn’t realize you needed.


Our 3D layout drawings take the guess work out of building with architectural CMU. One of the things we hear most often is, “My guys love your drawings”. The unit codes in the drawings match the codes on the pallets making life easier in the field. Our drawings show how to start the bond so the order will work for all openings, corners, etc. We’ve even done gray CMU for masons that have seen value of this productivity boost.


There is a lot we can do with the model once it’s been produced. We can isolate portions of the building for changes if necessary. We can produce sub orders based on your job staging requirements. We can make sure that the first trucks have exactly the product you need to get started. We can help sort out add orders if product is damaged, lost or needs to be changed. This kind of information is easily obtained from our models giving you more power to manage your effort in the field.


The core of our service is built around our customized 3D modeling technology. We build our models one unit at a time the same way you do in the field. This allows us to handle the complexity of glazed cmu, ground face cmu (burnished cmu), stone veneer or any other type of prefinished masonry units. We can model multiple colors, multiple textures and intricate bond patterns. Since we look at every unit and every condition, we can address design conflicts before product is ordered. Our models are coded to help you see exactly how to build difficult conditions. We provide a set of 3D layout drawings showing all conditions in the model to increase productivity in the field.



Have you ever kept track of how much it costs to miss an order? We have and it became the basis for our business. Architectural masonry isn’t cheap so it doesn’t take too much extra block at the end of a job to drain your profits. If you short order and add as you go, mold set ups and freight can add up in a hurry. Not to mention possible color variation, job delays, loss of productivity and damaged relationships. The CAD BLOX service will cost you about the same as you spend on your waste factor for breakage and handling so it’s a very affordable solution. Our case studies prove that it pays to get the order right which is why our best customers are those who know their costs.



How many evenings and weekends have you spent pouring over a tricky set of plans that had to be right? We can take that headache away and let you spend your time managing your business. Our model building process is very efficient and you can be confident in our number since you have a visual reference for every block in the building. You can quickly review our 3D drawings to confirm their accuracy. We’ll also write RFI’s as required and follow through on sorting out trouble spots in the plans. Your orders can be placed more quickly and you’ll have block on site sooner.


Looking for a needle in a haystack? That’s how it can feel when you’ve got 100 different shapes with many in small quantities on a complex job. Our drawings are coded to match the packing slips on your block order so we can simplify your efforts in the field. Not even sure what an 8JOTX X=8 glazed unit is? We can help put a picture with the codes. CAD BLOX can also stage your orders so that you get what you need on your first truck. Many of our customers get “hooked” on our drawings and find a healthy productivity boost.

Contractor Talking to Couple in House under Construction --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis


Wish you could get a second opinion on that order you just placed? Ordering architectural masonry is what we do every day. It’s the only thing we do, and we’re always looking for ways to do it better. Our models allow us to find problems before they find you which puts you ahead of the game.


“This is probably the single greatest service I’ve seen in the masonry industry! Thanks!”
Justin Knickerbocker, Lusco Brick & Block

“The take off detail is invaluable of course. The shop drawings save time and material in the field. They are like having a set of instructions on the wall. The foreman can give a copy to the b’layuers on the wall and not worry about what is being set.”
Rick Riley, Hoffman Cortes Masonry


The CAD BLOX service was developed in 2004 to address the challenges of ordering and installing architectural masonry. We combine the product knowledge of a manufacturer’s representative with the advanced design tools of an architect or engineer. Our modeling tools allow us to preview every condition in the structure before placing the order so we are able to help get the orders right and troubleshoot any unusual conditions in the design. We love the tricky stuff so if you’ve got an unusual bond pattern, bullnoses, score patterns, multiple textures, cove bases, arches, radius wall or all of the above, give us a call.

If you’re a design professional, we also have an AIA CEU presentation that targets modeling masonry in the BIM environment. Call Tom at (719) 232-5570 for more information.

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