How cad blox serves the masonry industry

Solve problems with a delete key — not a sledgehammer.

Great masonry contractors know how to get quality results with very little information. For decades, they’ve made miracles happen with little more than a highlighter, trowel, saw, and superior craftsmanship.

Their mantra: “Got problems? I’ve got answers.”

But let’s face it, no matter how good you are at solving problems, outcomes are better and profits are higher if you can AVOID those issues all together. Many problems, like waiting 6 weeks for an add order, can’t be overcome by all the skill in the world.

Now, masonry contractors — and their manufacturers — can get accurate information long before heading to the jobsite. They can virtually pre-build their projects, and, they can fix almost every problem related to product, layout, installation, and even coordination with other trades.

They also can make life easier for their workforce as well as their fellow tradespeople. All of this and more, thanks to CAD BLOX.

3D MASONRY Modeling and BIM Coordination for the Masonry Industry

Founded in 2004 by mechanical engineer Tom Cunieo, CAD BLOX uses proprietary modeling tools to build your project in a virtual 3D space.

First, we assign every masonry unit a number. Each is tagged automatically with the manufacturer’s code. The model includes special shapes, bond beams, lintels, field cut locations, and control joints.

Second, when coordination services are required, we import 3D masonry models from other trades (BIM Coordination) and generate clash reports and Requests for Information (RFIs) in an accessible file format.

Partnering with a CAD BLOX staff modeler allows your project to move forward. It frees you to manage and estimate more work.

Finally, when we finish your model, we’ll export an accurate production order accounting for cuts, control joints, and all relevant details. We’ll provide you with best-in-class shop drawings clear enough to make sense to any worker, regardless of skill level, position, or language.

CAD BLOX has focused on serving the masonry business with the highest level of quality and accuracy since 2004. No other solution combines our level of experience with our top-flight and ever-improving technology.

digital Lego Like Masonry Modeling
You can think of it this way:
It’s like getting the ultra-clear instructions that come with the LEGO set It’s like creating a an exact prototype in a digital space It’s like dress-rehearsal before the big show — you work out the kinks before everyone shows up

Let us show you how a CAD BLOX 3d model will make your next project easier.