A new level of rebar modeling

Rebar modeling locations for masonry are mysterious. Designers specify rebar through schedules. Rebar shop drawings are simply graphical interpretations of rebar schedules.

Actual rebar locations are never defined for one simple reason: it’s impossible to know where bars go until the mason lays out the base course. Unfortunately this is too late in the game to allow other trades to coordinate.

Since CAD BLOX models account for movement joints, field cuts, corners and everything else related to layout, it is now possible to know exactly where rebar will be placed BEFORE the jobsite layout.

CAD BLOX models are being used today to successfully locate in-wall utilities eliminating the need to gut units, bend conduit and basically making life much easier for the mason.

what you get with rebar modeling:

Layout Drawings for Dowels

Vertical Bar Locations

Model Objects for Clash Detection


Leverage the power of a CAD BLOX masonry model to make everything go more smoothly at the jobsite.